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The Zero Waste International Alliance has established an extensive set of guidelines, policies, and processes and encourages environmentally focused organizations to adopt these.


Education is the most powerful ingredient for change. For this reason, we are openly sharing presentation material, publications, and other educational resources with the world.

Who is the Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA)?

Working towards a world without waste through public education and practical application of Zero Waste principles.

The Zero Waste International Alliance was formed in 2003 to promote positive alternatives to landfill and incineration and to raise community awareness of the social and economic benefits to be gained when wasted materials are regarded as resources which can create both employment and business opportunities.

The simple technology and methods required to achieve Zero Waste exist in every community around the world. The Zero Waste International Alliance can connect you to leaders in the field who can provide your community with the models, the projects, the people and the means to help you develop Zero Waste as your ultimate goal.

The Zero Waste International Alliance:

  • initiates and facilitates research and information sharing for the promotion of Zero Waste
  • builds capacity to effectively implement Zero Waste
  • sets standards for evaluating the achievement of Zero Waste

The Zero Waste International Alliance operates at the international, national and local level and involves all sectors of society.

Vision: A just world of vibrant, resilient, Zero Waste communities, in harmony with nature.

Mission: To work together as a global community to drive systemic change towards Zero Waste using environmental and social justice principles. 

ZWIA Charter Principles

  1. Convert wasting to managing resources for the benefits of local production and the creation of a sustainable society.
  2. Redesign products and methods of production to eliminate waste by mimicking natural processes and closed-loops
  3. Resist incineration and land filling in order to promote innovation in resource conservation and methods of production
  4. Collaborate with others with common interests worldwide.
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ZWIA International Dialog, Manila 2017