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Zero Waste USA

Inspiring Communities to Embrace and Achieve Zero Waste

Zero Waste Toolkit

These tools provide an expanded view of a community’s or a business’ discard stream, its potential order-of-magnitude values as marketable commodities and suggest next steps toward high diversion and Zero Waste. Their purpose is to stimulate discussion and help initiate the planning process. Tools are available via the Resources Page on the Zero Waste USA website.

Zero Waste Training

Zero Waste USA offers Zero Waste trainings for organizations of all kinds, as well as workshops and presentations. Contact Amanda Waddle to request custom training. Class descriptions and registration links are available on the Education Page on the Zero Waste USA website.

  • Introduction to Zero Waste
  • Zero Waste Associates Course
  • Advance Planning for Zero Waste
  • Zero Waste for Businesses and Institutions

Zero Waste USA is partnering with GreenEducation.US  to provide online training on all aspects of Zero Waste. GreenEducation.US is a web-based, online learning platform that connects you with industry leaders in Zero Waste, sustainable resource management, waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and composting.  GreenEducation.US training offers self-paced, at your schedule training and live webinars. The learning solutions are designed to help you lead your business or community towards a sustainable Zero Waste future. This training enables you to learn about issues you confront on the job; concerns for upcoming regulations; and best practices in Zero Waste and sustainable resource management.

GreenEducation.US developed over 30 hours of classes for a program offered in California to train Certified Sustainable Resource Management Professionals. New content is added monthly. For the first time, Zero Waste USA is offering these classes for people to study individually online, without committing to the full certification program.

Use coupon code ZWUSA to receive 20% off the price of all course offerings. Also valid for Certificate in Sustainable Resource Management Professional in California. Interested in purchasing more than 4 courses? Email Jill Donello to discuss more discounts! 


    Amanda Waddle, Zero Waste USA

    Zero Waste Canada

    Leading the Way to Zero Waste Communities and Organizations

    Zero Waste Canada offers a wide array of Zero Waste Educational Programs that guide businesses and individuals towards a lower environmental impact and help individuals start their careers in the Zero Waste world. The Zero Waste Canada programs are designed to provide a solid foundation of Zero Waste practices, policies, values, and concepts. They aim to help the general public, municipalities, waste professionals and community leaders gain experience about the Zero Waste practices and how to implement these locally to achieve their Zero Waste goals.

    Zero Waste Education & Training

    • Free Intro to Zero Waste
    • Step: 1: Zero Waste Fundamentals Program
    • Step 2: Zero Waste Associate Program


    Zero Waste Canada