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The Zero Waste International Alliance has recognized nonprofit organizations, municipalities, and businesses across the globe as leaders working towards zero waste.

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There are two types of affiliates: organizational and national. Learn how to become an Organizational Affiliate below. Learn about National Affiliates here.

Organization Affiliates

To become an Organization Affiliate of Zero Waste International Alliance a Zero Waste organization must:

  1. Be a properly constituted organization that is registered in some verifiable way with an organization in the country of origin that can be searched and checked for confirmation of the detail presented.
  2. Have a Board of Directors or a management committee drawn from the community and transparently answerable to it.
  3. The organization concerned must have published objectives that align with those of ZWIA and must at the least be opposed to any form of landfilling mixed waste or energy recovery from the combustion of mixed wastes. If it has a Zero Waste title its literature must refer to the ZWIA definition of Zero Waste as posted on the ZWIA website and revised as ZWIA revises it.
  4. The organization concerned should notify ZWIA by email when publishing literature or carrying out major campaigns so that details can be posted to the ZWIA website and support therefore garnered from Zero Waste colleagues throughout the world.
  5. Applications for Organizational Affiliates are approved by the ZWIA Board.
  6. ZWIA Organizational Affiliates can raise and spend money for ZWIA activities and act as fiduciaries for ZWIA programs within their countries.
  7. ZWIA Organizational Affiliates can defend the Zero Waste brand and ZWIA logo within their area of jurisdiction.

Organizational Affiliates are encouraged to participate in the ZWIA Global Calls to share information about what is happening with ZWIA and with Zero Waste around the world as follows: Global Call in English on the third Friday of the month at 11 a.m. pacific time Global Call in Spanish on the third Friday of the month at 12 p.m. pacific time To receive an invitation to the call, please sign up through our google group or contact us here.