Announcing Zero Waste Alliance Pakistan

June 11, 2024 – The National University of Medical Sciences, a ZWIA Organizational Affiliate in Rawalpindi Pakistan, has announced the formation of Zero Waste Alliance Pakistan. The founding members, eight universities (one in each region of the country), have joined together to build an academia-led alliance to spearhead and mobilize all stakeholders to fulfill their collective social and environmental responsibility towards a cleaner society by minimizing the waste generated through adoption and promotion of Zero Waste principles and practices. The objectives of the Zero Waste Alliance are to:

1. Educate and mobilize academia and wider community on adopting Zero Waste practices as a collective civic/social responsibility
2. Facilitate implementation of Zero Waste practices in member institutions/organizations to minimize generation of solid waste
3. Evaluate the commitment of Alliance members to achieve Zero Waste
4. Promote research, innovation and information sharing to find contextualized sustainable Zero Waste models
5. Advocate for greater environmental accountability in Pakistan

“We welcome you to the international movement to end wasting on the planet.” Richard Anthony, ZWIA Chair