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Inspiring Communities to Embrace and Achieve Zero Waste

These tools provide an expanded view of a community’s or a business’ discard stream, its potential order-of-magnitude values as marketable commodities and suggest next steps toward high diversion and Zero Waste. Their purpose is to stimulate discussion and help initiate the planning process. Tools are available via the Zero Waste USA Toolkit Sub-menus under the tabs Communities and Businesses.

Available on request:

  • How To Become A Zero Waste Community Resource Guide, 2013
  • Directory of Zero Waste Jurisdictions, Businesses and Non-Profits 
  • Speakers Connection (In progress)

Contact Zero Waste USA

Zero Waste USA offers Zero Waste trainings for organizations of all kinds, as well as workshops and presentations. Use this Form to request custom training. Registration are generally via the Upcoming Training page. For Z-Team short presentations click Z-Team. Teacher bios are on the Board and Staff page. Also see Testimonials and list of past classes here.

Class C1: Introduction to Zero Waste – Communities

Class C2: Zero Waste Community Principles and Tools

Class C3: Zero Waste Community Planning

B1. Zero Waste Path for Humboldt Businesses

B2. Introduction To Zero Waste – Businesses

Resource Recovery Parks And Zero Waste Online Zero Waste Classes and Webinars

Zero Waste USA is partnering with GreenEducation.US  to provide online training on all aspects of Zero Waste. GreenEducation.US is a web-based, online learning platform that connects you with industry leaders in Zero Waste, sustainable resource management, waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and composting.  GreenEducation.US training offers self-paced, at your schedule training and live webinars. The learning solutions are designed to help you lead your business or community towards a sustainable Zero Waste future. This training enables you to learn about issues you confront on the job; concerns for upcoming regulations; and best practices in Zero Waste and sustainable resource management.

GreenEducation.US developed over 30 hours of classes for a program offered in California to train Certified Sustainable Resource Management Professionals. New content is added monthly. For the first time, Zero Waste USA is offering these classes for people to study individually online, without committing to the full certification program.


Online Classes

The following classes are approximately 90 minutes in length, broken into 5-15 minute segments followed by multiple choice questions that emphasize key points and check for understanding.


Class Instructor(s)
Introduction to Sustainable Resource Management (SRM) Judi Gregory: Go2Zero Strategies
History of Solid Waste Management Rick Anthony: Richard Anthony Associates
Jack Debell: University of Colorado, Boulder
California Policies and Programs Rick Anthony: Richard Anthony Associates
Judi Gregory: Go2Zero Strategies
SRM Infrastructure Jack Debell: University of Colorado,  Boulder
Introduction to Zero Waste Gary Liss: Gary Liss & Associates
Zero Waste Business Sue Beets-Atkinson: SBM Site Services
Zero Waste Communities and Market Development Gary Liss: Gary Liss & Associates
Portia Sinnott: Micro Services Plus
Tracking, Measurement and Auditing Sue Beets-Atkinson: SBM Site Services
Judi Gregory: Go2Zero Strategies
Organics Management Matt Cotton: Integrated Waste Management Consulting, LLC
Zero Waste at Special Events Leslie Lukacs: SCS Engineers
Michael Siminitus: Waste Busters Inc.

Use coupon code ZWUSA to receive 20% off the price of all course offerings. Also valid for Certificate in Sustainable Resource Management Professional in California. Interested in purchasing more than 4 courses? Email to discuss more discounts! 

To complement the above classes, GreenEducation.US organized these pre-recorded webinars.  They are 60 minutes in length.


Class Instructor(s)
Incorporate Reuse into any Operation Kim Wynes and Josh Brown, CBRE
Spencer Silverstein, City of Thousand Oaks
Stefan Gertlicz: Tesla
Creatively Diverting Commodities from the Waste Stream Anne Davis, World Centric
Meg Hilber, Terracycle
Krista Jaeger, Cintas
Social Aspects of Sustainability Angela Vincent
Tools to Help Businesses Successfully Contract for Zero Waste Ruth Abbe, Abbe & Associates
John Moore, Henn, Etzel & Moore
Zero Waste and Climate Change Mark Gagliard, City of Oakland
Inspiring the Call to Zero Waste Action Stephen Groner, SGA
Bruce Buchan, CleanRiver
Zero Waste: Markets for a Circular Economy Rick Anthony, Zero Waste USA
Kate Bailey, Eco-Cycle
Kate Davenport, Eureka Recycling
Moderated by Gary Liss
What Do We Do with Hard to Recycle Plastics? Greg Dudish, Dudish Consulting
David Hudson, Avangard Innovative
Moderated by Sue Beets

Use coupon code ZWUSA to receive 20% off the price of all course offerings. Also valid for Certificate in Sustainable Resource Management Professional in California. Interested in purchasing more than 4 courses? Email to discuss more discounts! 

Zero Waste USA provides a certificate of completion in “Introduction to Zero Waste Community Planning” to those completing the following online classes, passing an exam and completing an evaluation:

  • Introduction to Zero Waste
  • Zero Waste Communities and Market Development
  • Zero Waste Economics

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Classes and Webinars Descriptions

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Speaker Bios

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For more Info on and Zero Waste USA classes and webinars, contact Jill Donello



Rick Anthony 

Leading the way to Zero Waste Communities and Organizations.

Zero Waste Toolkit


Zero Waste Guides – View a range of Zero Waste Guides for individuals and businesses.

Zero Waste Starter Kit – For individuals who wish to embark on a Zero Waste lifestyle.

Zero Waste Community Forum – For individuals and businesses who wish to have their zero waste questions answered.

Zero Waste Facility Certification Program – For businesses committed to zero waste and a circular economy