Join Us

If you agree to the mission statement and charter principles below, please apply to join the ZWIA Listerv. Be sure to provide some background on your interest and role in pursuing Zero Waste (e.g. your LinkedIn‎ profile).

Anyone can take part –  individuals, NGOs, government agencies, institutions, Zero Waste Businesses, other commercial waste generators or Zero Waste service providers (e.g., reuse, recycling and composting businesses or NGOs).

Mission Statement

Working toward a world without waste through public education and practical application of Zero Waste principles.

Charter Principles

  1. Convert waste to resources for the benefits of local production and the creation of a sustainable society.
  2. Redesign products and methods of production to eliminate waste by mimicking natural processes and closed-loops
  3. Resist incineration and land filling in order to promote innovation in resource conservation and methods of production
  4. Collaborate with others with common interests worldwide.