ZWIA Board of Directors and Resources

ZWIA Board of Directors

Ana Carvahlo, City of San Diego
Barb Hetherington, Zero Waste Canada
Enzo Favoino, Zero Waste Italy and Zero Waste Europe
Gary Liss, Gary Liss & Associates and Zero Waste USA Board of Directors
Jamie Kaminski, Zero Waste Canada
Leslie Lukacs, SCS Engineers
Lisa Christensen, Eco-vision Asia
Monica Wilson, Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives
Neil Seldman, Institute for Local Self-Reliance
Pal Martensson, Goteborg, Sweden
Richard Anthony, Richard Anthony Associates and Zero Waste USA Board of Directors
Rodrigo Sabatini, Zero Waste Brazil
Ruth Abbe, Abbe & Associates, LLC and Zero Waste USA Board of Directors
Sonia Mendoza, Mother Earth Foundation

Zero Waste Resources

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New Zealand | North America | South America 


Muna Lakhani, Institute for Zero Waste in Africa, South Africa


Jayan Chelaton, Thanal Conservation Action and Information Network, India

Shibu Nair, India

Gigie, Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, Philippines

Froilan Grate, Mother Earth Foundation, Philippines

Manny Calonzo , Global Anti-Incinerator Alliance, Philippines

Numero Lim, City of Manila, Philippines

Sonia Mendoza, Mother Earth Foundation, Philippines


Gerard Gillespie
South East Waste Board, Australia

Sharon Stacy
Environmental Interpretations


Enzo Favoino
Zero Waste Europe, Italy

Joan Marc Simon
Zero Waste Europe, Spain

Mal Williams
Zero Waste Associates, Ltd. and Zero Waste United Kingdom, Wales

Maxine Narburgh
Bright Green, United Kingdom

Pal Martensson
Zero Waste Sweden

Paolo Guarnaccia

Patrizia Losciuto

Rossano Ercolini

United Kingdom

New Zealand

Julie Dickinson
Envision New Zealand

Warren Snow
Envision New Zealand

North America

Angela Kang
Environmental Activist, United States

Ann Schneider

Ana Carvahlo
City of San Diego, United States

Brenda Platt

Brian Anthony

Dan Knapp
Urban Ore, United States

Eric Lombardi
Eco-Cycle, United States

Gary Liss
Gary Liss & Associates, United States

Laura Anthony
Zero Waste San Diego, United States

Leslie Lukacs
L2 Environmental, United States

Linda Christopher
GrassRoots Recycling Network, United States

Marylou Van Deventer

Michael Huls
Huls Environmental Media, United States

Michael Wonsidler
San Diego County, United States

Monica Wilson

Nancy Gorrell
Environmental Activist, United States

Nancy Strauss

Neil Seldman
Institute for Local Self-Reliance, United States

Paul Connett

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony Associates, United States

Ruth Abbe
HDR, Engineering, Inc., United States

Wayne Williams
Environmental Activist, United States

South America

Rodrigo Sabatini
Zero Waste Brazil ( Instituto Lixo Zero Brasil ), Brazil

Stefania Mohedano
Novociclo Ambiental, Brazil